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This guide is meant to provide a general idea for base prices for personal-use commissions (not commercial use). The prices have been calculated according to the number of hours it takes me to draw things, complexity of the pose and composition, number of characters involved, cost of materials and my level of experience, etc. That being said, I am always open to fair negotiations and try to accommodate budgets as much as possible. 


Please note: 


  • Please make sure my commission status (above) is open; I don't always have time to take them unfortunately.

  • The guide below  concerns digital drawing commissions only; for other kinds of commissions (traditional art, vector art) please contact me directly.

  • Please make sure you have consulted the terms of service page before considering a commission.

  • Add ≈ 15-25$ for a complex background, to be discussed beforehand. 

  • Budget more for an extra character, to be discussed beforehand (price will depend on complexity of pose).


Do's and don'ts

couples and ships of any gender

character designs (fantasy, sci-fi, anime)



hardcore pornography (cheeky/pinup is fine though)

mecha art

hateful art

hyper-realism or other styles

Bust commissions


25$ CAD

shaded sketch + accents

40$ CAD


40$ CAD

full colour

50$ CAD

Half-body commissions


35$ CAD

shaded sketch + accents

50$ CAD


50$ CAD

full colour

75$ CAD

full body commissions


45$ CAD

shaded sketch + accents

65$ CAD


65$ CAD

full colour

100-120$ CAD

Other examples

Here are some other examples of art that I do, and what the approximate cost might be. Again, these are to help give an idea of price and may vary depending on the complexity. I always aim to give my best estimate beforehand!

2 characters, half-body shaded sketch

70$ CAD

two characters, full colour + semi-detailed, lit bg

150$ CAD

comic panel, shaded lineart style + text 

80$ CAD

simple still-life, full colour

50$ CAD

to order / for more information: 


Please email me at:

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